Candidate or Employee?

I had the pleasure this last week of taking part in a Lou Adler- the recruitment guru –  webinar, and in it he refers to top talent as employees NOT candidates. You look at people as future employees and you will recruit better people, rather than treating people as ‘transactional’candidates. How true that is, but how many clients actually want to recruit top talent anyway?
I get the impression that many companies who are trying to recruit new staff, don’t actually want to go that extra mile to find their ‘future employees’, but are just happy in ‘filling’ their ‘vacancies’ with ‘the best candidates that they can get at the time’!! I certainly understand that there are times when someone is better than no one, as it could have a bearing on productivity and therefore the bottom line.
However, with a little planning and with the right processes and recruitment expertise in place, is recruitment really that hard?