In Ali G’s words…..”Respek”

Alig The job market is currently candidate driven, job adverts are no longer attracting the right calibre of applicants and employee shortages are definately effecting corporate productivity. So why is it that many companies are slow to recognise recruitment is now a recognised and valued key skill, and that unless they embrace our expertise and show us some ‘respek’ then the dark clouds will only get darker for them!!
All of us (recruiters) will have some very strong and long term relationships with our clients, that are underpinned on mutual trust and respect – and don’t those relationships work very well!!
However the converse is also true – in client relationships where there is no mutual respect, the relationship is usually just a transactional one.

Respect is of course mutual, and for clients I think it is things that don’t directly generate income for recruiters that actually count. Some recruiters won’t obviously give a damn and will only focus on their billings in the immediate term, however if you accept that trying to gain more respect is a good future strategy then just ask yourself:

How often do you have in depth conversations with your clients old and new about recruitment? Do you ever get on your soapbox and wax lyrical about trends, candidate availability, job boards, passive candidates etc.
When was the last time you encouraged a company to raise the profile of their internal referral scheme?
Have you ever discussed their career site and offered any simple improvements?

I know this may sound strange to some people, but if a client realises that you are there for them sometimes and not just for the £££££’s then you may well find yourself getting that well deserved word from them – RESPECT. Getting it from a client is not easy and sometimes takes alot of time  – but when it happens, the relationship will blossom for many years to come!

As I said respect is mutual and of course we have to able to respect the client as well. So if they aren’t prepared to work with you, treat you as an equal, value your knowledge and trust your judgement then the client won’t of course get your respect either!! If that ends up being the case, just yell out "booyakasha" as you are walking out of their front door!!