Recruitment Consultants Vs Football Agents

We all love football don’t we?  We all talk about, moan about it and slag off Ericssons favourite son – Steve McLaren at every opportunity, and we even think that we all all know what we are talking about.

So why is it, with all our skills that we have gathered over the years in the recruitment industry do we never hear of a recruiter becoming a football agent?

My research in the upper echelons of the football world (!!) have led me to believe that we recruiters are missing a trick!! After all if you analyse some of our finely tuned skills below and then imagine you were dealing with footballers (candidates) and football managers (clients) instead, I am sure you will agree that we could be well placed to enter the world of Bentleys, Ferraris and Bling!!
We are experienced sourcers of talent – we spot them at an early stage and nurture them through their careers.
We are hardened negotiators,always making sure we are looking after the best interests of our client.
We manage the contractors working for us, keeping them happy each week;
We wine and dine our contractors to both keep them happy and stop them looking for another recruiter to supply them.
We are adept at playing the game of politics with both difficult clients and candidates.
We market our best candidates around the market to get the best deal for them.
And the only backhanders we get are from our boss when we miss our ,monthly target!!

If you have any other ideas of recruiters traits that could hold us in good light in the world of the football agent it would be great to hear some.