Motivational tactics just got worse – the Japanese Company Song!!

It feels like it is Japanese week with this second post to do with that country, but I can assure you it is a pure coincidence!! The latest Japanese trend to hit these shores is the company song – apparently it builds a cohesive company culture!! So as a new recruit to a Japanese company, the first thing you do is to learn the new jingle – better than an induction course?? How motivated would you be singing these words each day….

" Flap your wings, carry hope on your shoulders, hand in hand, Ito Yokado people will make a rainbow across the world"

Worryingly KPMG, Ernst & Young and Shell have now recorded songs, with Shell’s being as follows:

"We have moved on, growing day by day, sharing strenths, we practice what is best. We are all part of Shell’s global family, Doing work aligned with everyone"

Now for the REAL TREAT!! Here is a video from a Japanese demolition company with the song they sing. It is a translated version. Stay with it, it is very funnily bad!!