Employee engagement: Is it just about satisfying the ‘me, me, me’ attitude?

Employee engagement

According to the Gallup Management Journal’s Employee Engagement Index survey, in a typical workplace:

  • 29% of employees are actively motivated and engaged in their jobs
  • 71% are unmotivated and disengaged
  • 54% are not engaged at all
  • 17% are actively disengaged

Many people are just grateful to have a job in this climate – even if they have higher workloads due to less staff to do the work.But experience tells us that when the (eventual) upturn actually happens, employee engagement will get get worse, with the resultant figures above reducing.

But what is interesting is the summary of what workers responding to this survey said they what they want from their managers:

• Focus me
• Know me
• Care about me
• Hear me
• Help me feel proud
• Help me review my contributions
• Equip me
• Help me see my value
• Help me grow
• Help me see my importance
• Help me build mutual trust
• Challenge me

Does this sound about right for your place of work? Are all the employees 'me,me,me' focused? Are there certain industry sectors that are better than others from your experience?

Do these statistics lend more to any of the generational groups? More gen Y or more gen X for example?

What do you think?