Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies [book]

Smart social media strategies in recruitment book
This is my first published book –  Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies

Andy Headworth's Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies is a refreshingly global take on the social recruiting scene. It includes a generous amount of meaty case studies that bring the subject to life, and gives readers a sense of confidence that they can apply learnings to real-life situations. The discussion on ROI and how to build a business case should be required reading for HR and recruitment leaders within organisations. I was particularly pleased to see the depth of thinking on two hot topics amongst thought leaders in the recruitment space: mobile technology and the evolution of talent pools into talent communities. The book is not top-heavy on tools, but takes more of a strategic approach, and finishes off by canvassing the diverse views of a range of international consultants, commentators and corporate leaders on the future of social media in recruitment. Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies is comprehensive, covers all bases and provides a good springboard for people to embark on their own social recruiting journeys. Paul Jacobs, Social Recruiting Legend from NZ

" This is a smart book, written by a smart guy who knows this topic both from a theoretical angle but more importantly from the "real world" practical side. It is well laid out, research and takes you through all that you should know to support any attempt to use Social Media as part of a recruiting strategy.Simply put those recruiting would be "smart recruiters" if they invested in buying, reading and the doing what it suggests" Keith Robinson CEO EComDigital

"it's not a book you can dip in and out of and it isn't one you can read over one weekend (I tried!), but it is one that you should find the time to properly digest. This is a serious business book written by a real social media recruitment expert!" Louise Triance, MD UK Recruiter Ltd

>>On Twitter<< "Handed copy of @andyheadworth's new book 'Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies' to Peter Jackson to turn into a feature film" – "I wasn't being sarcastic for a change, it's actually very good". Paul Jacobs, Social Recruiting Legend from NZ 

I was commissioned by ARK Group to write this book for them, as they recognised a need for a business book on this subject matter. [ARK publish a wide range of business specific 'report-style' books] They didn't want me to write a text book (phew!), but a more practical book that looks at the real challenges, issues and opportunities of integrating social media into the recruitment strategies of companies, combined with many case studies demonstrating it.

The book is a business report publication with an audience of CEO's, MD's, HRD's, Talent Directors, Heads of Recruitment etc in mind. As we all know, while social media adoption is happening at a localised level within most companies, social media acceptance at board level is still way off. Hopefully this book will help senior decision makers within companies understand the part social media has to play in recruitment going forward.

So how do you get a copy?

To view the chapter list and content view the pdf here  Download SmartSocial Media Strategies in Recruitment – Chapters

By way of sample of the book – you can read the first chapter on pdf here Download ARK1721 – Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies_samplechapter

Currently the book is available in print version only (paperback) – a digital version will be available later in the year. This can be ordered online here via Ark publishing or via the Amazon website here

Remember this is a business report book, and is therefore priced accordingly by the publishers. The list price is £295 (+p&p). 

The feedback I have had from the people that have read it so far has been excellent – I hope you also enjoy reading it and that it helps you understand better how social media can play a part in your companies recruitment strategy.

  • Ahmed Alkhatib

    Its quiet interesting to see how because of social media’s growth in organizations, several platforms and companies now specialize in providing recruiting support and solutions to both job seekers and employers within the facebook arena. Not only do companies screen job applicants by viewing their facebook accounts, but they are using facebook to actually recruit job seekers. Platforms such as offer users an opportunity to sign up for a profile that pulls relevant professional information from their facebook accounts. Simultaneously, the company offers employers recruiting solutions to source relevant job candidates from facebook through their site.