Would these employee benefits help keep you at a company?

We all know that as the market is fast picking up, the passive employees are slowly becoming 'un-passive' and seeing what else is out there in the job market. Coupled to this, there is the tranche of recruiters and organisations now actively targeting passive job seekers (social media has REALLY helped this).

Companies (if they haven't done so already) should be actively looking at retention NOW! I saw a post on MindFlash.com and liked some of the things other companies have done in this area. Not huge things, but the little perks that we all like. Would they make you stay at an employer? Maybe not 100%, but they will certainly help!
Which one of these examples below is your favourite? Mine is between the MillerCoors PubClub, and the Quicksilver surfing time!

What benefits are companies using to keep their talentImage source

So now it is your turn – what have been the best perks/benefits you have had at an employer, past or present?

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  • In the heady days of the dot.com boom (I am that old) I had to build a 20 strong leading edge (yes, I know) consultancy team with a good proportion of recent graduates. I had the bright idea of offering a 3 month paid sabbatical at the end of 2 years service – or they could have a 3 month salary bonus instead. All of them said they would take the sabbatical. All of them – 2 years later – took the bonus.

    Isn’t that depressing? I had turned them from bright eyed ‘see the world’ sweeties to mortgage oppressed dead eyed workhorses in two years. It’s a gift.

  • The best perk that I’ve received from my company that impacted me most in terms of employee engagement and motivation was training in optimal thinking. I became aware that I was motivated by externals (recognition, approval, compensation) and that I was giving away my power to them. I was provided with the tools to be my best in any situation. The seminar with Dr. Rosalene Glickman, the author of Optimal Thinking, was the best day of my life.

  • The main thing Julia is that they stayed the 2 years. Whether it was paid time off or straight cash doesn’t matter, does it.

    You should market that talent 🙂

  • So right Dwane.
    I guess it is down to £/$ – the tech companies simply have the money to do it whereas the blue collar companies probably have a much smaller margin to work with – and arguably bigger workforces as well?

  • Completely agree with Dwayne here – it’s not often that big business high earning blue collar businesses take care of their workers and I find that a shame.

    At it’s heart, what these businesses are offering is a reason to stay, a reason to get comfortable and a reason to commit to a company and a role. Businesses with smallermargins are never going to be able to provide all of these employee benefits , but even with their budgets they can work out a way in which they keep their employees as engaged as possible with their roles.

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