LinkedIn is a social network, maybe a job board, but is it now a dating site as well?


Well, another year has flown by! So, what are the two of things that people do most in January (ignoring the obvious lose weight, get fit and not touching drink until February self-lies)? 

If you believe the stats in the online world, two of the most common things people do post-Christmas is job seeking and using dating sites. And as we all know – recruitment sites and dating sites are based on a very similar premise, searching, finding and connecting with new people.

There are hundreds of dating sites and job boards out there but is there one that combines the two?

Well what about LinkedIn  - I think people maybe using it for 'other kinds of sourcing'!

Now, before you think I am going a little mad, I want to explain my reasoning. LinkedIn are very good at sharing with you your own personal search results and keywords that people are finding you by. If you haven't done it click on 'Who's viewed your profile' in the right toolbar when you have logged in.

For the last five months the top two search keywords against my profile have been:

  1. Recruitment 
  2. Sexy 

Have you stopped laughing yet?

Recruitment is spot on obviously, as that is what I do, but sexy? Really?  >> Let me just explain why is appears. I did a presentation entitled 'How Social Media has made Recruitment Sexy Again" back in 2012, and have it in my list of speaking events, so 'sexy' comes up as a keyword. That is all. You can rest easy Brad 😉

Now back to my point – obviously people are actively going to LinkedIn and searching using the keyword 'sexy'. WHY? 
[Just to put this into context, I appear on average in about 1400 search results on LinkedIn each month, and with 'sexy' accounting for 15% that means over 200 people a month (at least) are doing these searches.] 
I guess you could argue, it is a professional network, so why wouldn't people use it to look for similar minded people? I am not making judgements at all, but I do find it amusing people are using LinkedIn in a different way! And it isn't just me – just do a search in groups for the word 'sexy'!!

What do you think? Do you think sites like Match or eHarmony should be worried? Maybe LinkedIn have missed a trick?   

If you have any strange keywords you are being found for on LinkedIn, be brave and share –  you know you want to 🙂


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  • Billie

    Andy this is brilliant! I just searched the term sexy and you’ll be thrilled to know you appeared 2nd out of 14,145 results – pipped to the post by Todd Wheatland. Hubba hubba. A huge congratulations to Sara for having Mr. Sexy on her arm 🙂

    I think you have a valid point with Linkedin acting as a dating agency; I’ve had a couple of messages to go for a drink and I don’t think it’s to talk business…

  • The top two search terms for me are ‘Mitch’ and ‘Sullivan”. The 3rd highest is ‘Mitch Sullivan’.

    I clearly need to get out more.

  • Thanks 🙂

    I guess any social site that has profiles and pictures will present opportunity for people to meet others! Good job you’re not on Facebook then!!

  • Ha ha ha 🙂

    It would be good to have some relevant keywords in there as well Mitch, wouldn’t it?

  • Really interesting, but I am secretly gutted.
    My top two are Paul Anderson and Paul, how very dull.
    I even went to the lengths of adding Jedi to my endorsements (basically because I was fed up of people endorsing me with no idea who I was)
    I want to know the secret Andy, I am follically challenged too, have you secretly key worded yourself as ‘sexy’

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