Tell Me Again – Why Are You Doing Social Recruiting?



What do you do when you get in your car? Do you randomly drive around roads or do you actually plan to drive somewhere in it? Hopefully it is the latter (unless you have a baby that only sleeps with the engine running, and then you become a random driving champion!)

You get in the car with the objective of reaching a planned destination. Without that objective you simply won't get there, because you don't know where you are going. 

Social recruiting is no different. Do you know where you are going with social recruiting or are you just on full-random mode?

I have three questions for you:

  1. Do you know what objectives you have for using social media in your recruitment strategy? 
  2. Do you know what the objectives of your business are?
  3. Are they aligned?

To have a chance of success of integrating social media into your recruitment strategy you have to align your social media objectives with your business objectives. If you don't, it would be the same as trying to drive the car pictured above – you are just not going to get where you want to be going!

So what could your aligned objectives be?

  • Reducing reliance on recruitment agencies and reduce costs (business objective) –> Using social media to expand the company's brand footprint and attract more candidates to the career site (social media objective) 
  • Track competitor activity to identify new potential client leads (business objective) –> Using social media tools like Hootsuite to monitor competitor activity and who are following them on Twitter (social media objective) 
  • Drive traffic to your website landing page to promote the new recruitment campaign and attract 100 new candidates (business objective) –> Use a blog (on your website) to post regular content and share it on social media sites to drive traffic back to the website (social media objective
  • Identify and source a wider range of developer candidates than just from those on LinkedIn to increase the calibre of the development team (business objective) –> Source developers from people search aggregators like Talentbin, Dice OpenWeb and 3Sourcing to find developers on multiple technical focused social networks (social media objective)

Hopefully you get the idea here. How many of have aligned your social and business objectives like this?

Then the next stage is to take this further and drill down and ask your self the same questions on the social newtorks themselves?

  • Why are you using Twitter? What are your objectives for using it? Be honest – you have no idea have you?
  • What are you using YouTube for? Any objectives there? Somewhere to put the company video is not a tangible objective.
  • Why have you got a Facebook Page? –> 'Because we thought we should' is not a valid objective!
  • Why have you got a LinkedIn Company Page? –> Ever heard of branding or marketing objectives? Didn't think so!
  • Why do you have a blog? –> I know you have no idea why either! 🙂

There is absolutely no way you can do social recruiting and measure it successfully, without setting objectives first. Yet it never ceases to amaze me that when I ask these questions, when working with corporates and recruitment agencies that they look at me in stunned silence. 
Social media and in particular social recruiting is now mainstream in business, yet so many people in companies have no idea of why they have actually started using it! 

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