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We consult, train, tweet, blog, text, post, speak, share, read, update, photograph, video and talk about recruitment. At Sirona Consulting we work with companies, recruitment agencies, RPO’s HR & recruitment technology vendors and conference / event organisers, helping them understand and integrate social media into their recruitment strategies.
We have have been doing this now for twelve years, working with many companies along the way, from small independent recruiters right through to large international companies. We are honest, ethical and have experience of working across a range of different industry sectors delivering success in the UK, Europe, Middle East, APAC and the United States.
As an insight into the way we currently look at social recruiting and talent acquisition, here is a recent interview done by Andy at Europe’s largest online recruitment conference in Budapest, where he was keynoting recently.



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Social-Media-Recruitment-book-coverAndy Headworth has also written a new book that was published on 3rd May 2015 by Kogan Page – Social Media Recruitment – How to successfully integrate social media into recruitment strategy. On release it soon became a No1 Best Seller on Amazon and is now selling all around the world. Click here  for more details.


Andy Headworth has been in the recruitment industry for twenty five years, and is still as passionate about recruiting as he was when he started as a young consultant. He is the founder of Sirona Consulting.
He is an innovative problem solver who always manages to get you thinking differently about solving your recruitment challenges. Andy’s recognised knowledge and expertise has allowed him to successfully deliver projects, workshops and keynote speaking assignments across UK, Europe, Middle East, Canada, USA and APAC. Last year he was named by The Huffington Post in ‘Top 100Most Social HR Leaders on Twitter’ and ’50 Most Popular Recruiting Influencers on Twitter’ by ERE/LeadTail. He was invited to make a film for the BBC providing social media recruiting guidance.
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 is an accomplished photographer and social media practitioner, and is regularly seen at social recruiting events putting her lens where others only dare to go! Sara is also actively involved in the implementation and management of the social media projects for Sirona Consulting.
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We are based in West Sussex in the UK, but don’t let that worry you, last year we did work in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, Canada, and of course all over the UK!

If you want to speak to us, then we would love to hear from you. Call us on 01903 206249 or fill in the simple form below.