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Clients today  recognise that good recruitment is essential to their business. However, there are times when they do not necessarily have the time or the expertise in place to successfully carry it out. At Sirona Consulting we will work with you and within your timescales to solve your recruitment needs. 

When working with you on a requirement we first make sure that we understand the role, the environment and the personality profile that is required. We will then use our comprehensive database, candidate network and, if necessary, use the latest and most successful advertising media, to identify suitable applicants.

Our policy is not to inundate you within inappropriate applicants, but to provide you with only a small number of specific cv�s that meet your criteria.

Remember one of our core values � honesty. This is key, if we cannot resource the required skills then we will inform you of that as soon as is reasonably possible.

Our Recruitment Methods

Contingency Recruitment

This is currently the most popular form of permanent recruitment, on the basis that the agreed fee - based on a percentage of the first years salary - is only payable on the engagement of the successful applicant.

Retained Recruitment

The client retains Sirona Consulting exclusively to carry out  a defined piece of recruitment, these are typically confidential or competitor sensitive positions. The client pays twenty five percent of the fee up front with the balance being due on the engagement of the successful applicant.

Fixed Price Advertising

This is for clients that want to recruit solely via the internet job boards. We will place the advert on the appropriate web site, quality manage all the response and present the client with an agreed shortlist ready to interview. The fixed fee is payable is payable up front on commencement of the project.

Interim Consultancy

We can offer clients  recruitment consultancy on an interim basis to help them with any part of their recruitment process. This can include areas such as:

  • Appraisal of current recruitment processes
  • Setting up a preferred suppliers list
  • Interviewing of candidates
  • Onsite recruitment training



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