Candidate Values

One of our core values is trust, and the reason why the recruitment sector sometimes has a bad reputation is that you as prospective candidates do not trust and believe in the service that you are being offered. We have built up a good knowledge of both markets and technical skills over many years, and see this as a key factor in working with you to locate the best career opportunity for you. The key factors that make us different are:

Your details are never sent to a client without your prior consent

You will have constant communication from us through the entire process

We will help you make the decisions that are important to you


We will be honest regarding your career and salary expectations

Looking for a career change has been recognised as an extremely stressful time, but at Sirona Consulting we aim to work with you and support you through the whole process, from the moment you think about moving to the time you tender your resignation.

You will notice the difference and we stand true to our core values � honesty, trust and professionalism.

If as a candidate your are considering changing jobs, then you may want to consider looking at the Candidate Zone for help and advice in the whole process from help preparing your CV though to a comprehensive selection of interview questions that can act as a checklist in your preperation.

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If you are considering a move and would like a confidential conversation with a market specialist then click here, and attach your CV to the email. We will contact you thereafter.

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