Is Your Recruitment Strategy and Process Aligned To The Needs Of Your Candidates?

When did you last have a recruitment audit? Recruitment is changing fast, with new technology, mobile, social media and candidate behaviours affecting attraction.
Does your recruitment deliver the talent you need?


Best selling book for HR and Recruiting professionals globally

Described by readers as a 'Social Recruiting Bible', this hands-on guide to using social media for recruiting is full of practical advice, examples and case studies from all over world. This new book, written by our Founder, Andy Headworth, is now on global release.


Twitter is no longer optional if you are in HR or recruitment

As it becomes harder and harder to find candidates across many sectors, HR and recruiters have no option than to look deeper into a social networks like Twitter.


Based outside of the UK or need specific social recruiting guidance, then our on-demand consulting service is for you

Technology is such that we don't have to be in your office to give you the help and support you need. We can offer our expert advice by the hour via telephone and Skype and you can even pay by PayPal. Simple.


Your target talent is no longer just on LinkedIn

LinkedIn might be a great place to recruit candidates from, but that doesn’t mean that all the talent in your sector has a LinkedIn profile. So where are they?

At Sirona Consulting, we specialise in helping companies with their recruitment strategy, social recruiting and recruitment process. We work with companies struggling to recruit talent effectively by leveraging social media and other new technologies to increase their recruitment efficiency, by improving their candidate attraction, direct sourcing methods, employer branding and recruitment processes. We focus on the three areas below, delivering our services (onsite and remotely) via consultancy and bespoke training. Read more.


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Without the right talent companies cannot deliver on their business objectives and keep their shareholders and customers happy.
We help you re-align your recruitment strategy to deliver the talent your company needs both now and in the future.
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What We Do

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Competition for the best talent is the highest it has been for many years, and is only going to get worse for companies. We guide you through the process of successfully integrating social media into your recruitment strategy to reach new audiences and engage passive candidates.
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