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Social Recruiting

Whether you like it or not, social media is now mainstream. As such it is therefore firmly embedded in the world of work and specifically, recruitment. When was the last time you walked through your company and didn’t see colleagues on social media, either on their mobile phones or at their desks?

Using social media for recruitment – known as social recruiting – is now recognised method for candidate sourcing, candidate engagement, employer branding, communications, content distribution, passive candidate recruiting and marketing. With 71% of people using their mobile to access social media (Adobe 2013 Survey), it is essential for companies to ensure they are active on social media, as well as making the content they share mobile / tablet friendly.

Social recruiting is not just about posting content on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. It is also changing the way that people expect to engage and communicate with companies, especially with the 24/7 nature of social media. What happens in your company? Does your recruitment team happily engage on social media with candidates during the evenings and weekends? Have they got the technology and tools to make that easy for them? Are they sufficiently trained to be able to deal with any eventuality?

At Sirona Consulting we guide you through the process of using social media within your recruitment strategy and recruitment processes, as well as integrating it into your recruitment systems and technologies. Then we make sure your teams are trained to enable them to use the different social media platforms correctly. This will include engaging with prospective candidates and building passive talent pipelines using recruitment content marketing.

Three recent successful projects delivered around recruitment strategy are shown below (we never share the client details – and that includes you, when you start working with us).

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