Recruitment Strategy

Has your company got a robust recruitment strategy in place that allows you to attract, hire and engage the best candidates you need for your business? Is it also closely aligned to the objectives and needs of your business? If not then we can help you with that.

Our experience working with companies has been telling. Many companies believe their recruitment strategy delivers; yet closer inspection always reveals opportunities to innovate and improve their recruiting.

Talent shortages across most industries globally, are now acutely focusing attention on recruitment and retention. With future company successes intrinsically linked to the calibre of talent hired, there is a real need to ensure the attraction and hiring process is a world class recruitment experience.

When was the last time you audited your recruitment strategy and processes, benchmarking them against the fast changing trends and recruiting technologies that are now being used by other companies? Are you using:
· Innovative talent acquisition methods
· Recruitment technologies that respond to changing candidate behaviours
· Direct talent sourcing
· Improved recruiter systems
· Creative candidate attraction
· Social media engagement
· Mobile recruiting campaigns
· Fast and efficient recruitment processes
· Recruitment content marketing
· Excellent candidate experience
· Relevant measurement and reporting

The sheer volume of (big) data now available online, has dramatically changed recruitment forever. Is your recruitment strategy positioned to
move forward and take advantage of the innovations, or are you still stuck in the ‘time to hire’ and ‘cost per hire’ thinking?

Three recent successful projects delivered around recruitment strategy are shown below (we never share the client details - and that includes you, when you start working with us).

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