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Training Workshops


Our social recruiting training workshops are practical, hands-on and focused on one thing - helping recruiters and HR professionals understand how to utilise social media to identify, source and recruit talent for their business. We offer two styles of  training workshops - recruitment agencies and in-house HR and recruitment teams - which reflects the different skills needed for the different roles.

Our training is all about the ‘HOW’

How you can use social media effectively for recruitment - whether it be candidate sourcing, candidate attraction, employer branding, candidate engagement, recruitment content marketing, selection or other parts of the recruitment cycle. Different companies have different needs, and that is something we are very careful to address.

We deliver our social recruitment training workshops in two ways - either on client site for companies, with tailored content, or by attending one of our workshop events. Each workshop / course is kept up to date with the latest tools and iterations of the social networks (which of course change like the wind!). 

Who benefits the most from our training workshops? Recruiters - both from recruitment agencies and corporates, researchers, resourcers, talent managers, HR professionals, executive search consultants and talent acquisition professionals.

We are happy to travel to deliver workshops for your company. We have delivered social recruiting workshops in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Canada - country location is not an issue for our consultants.

Here are examples of training workshops from our clients:

Contact us using the simple form below or call us on 01903 206249 to discuss what how we can help your HR and recruiting teams develop into very efficient social recruiters.