New Book in 2015: Social Media Recruitment


Social Media Recruitment: How To Successfully Integrate Social Media Into Recruitment Strategy, the second book written by Andy Headworth is now available via Amazon globally.

Navigating the chapters

The following section gives you a quick walkthrough of the book:

Chapter 1: The fast-changing recruitment landscape looks at the global demand for talent and how it is driving change across companies and specifically within HR and recruitment departments. It covers the business drivers, demographic differences, changing financial climates and the implications for the future growth plans of companies who do not address their future talent needs now.

Chapter 2: Recruitment using social media shows how social media can be used for recruiting to meet the demand for talent. It looks at the scale, reach and depth of social media use around the world, and how this can be tapped into for recruiting purposes. It includes examples of how companies have successfully integrated social media into their recruitment strategies.

Chapter 3: Selecting your social networks examines which social media networks you should consider using for your recruitment and why. It looks at the main social networks and provides best practice guidelines in setting up the networks correctly for use within your recruitment strategy.

Chapter 4: Social media tools covers an extensive number of tools that can be used in all aspects of social media recruitment. They cover social media management, productivity, content creation, monitoring, collaboration and hashtag management.

Chapter 5: Social media recruitment strategy explains what a social media recruitment strategy looks like and how to implement one from the beginning. It breaks down the various aspects of a strategy and provides practical advice on how to manage each of the stages for implementing one at your company.

Chapter 6: Candidate sourcing with social media shows you how to identify and source candidates across all the social networks. It includes detailed advice from some of the world’s best sourcers, and provides a wealth of tips, tricks and techniques to discover hard-to-find talent.

Chapter 7: Building your employer brand helps you to understand how to build and develop your employment brand using social media and recruitment content marketing. It will cover identifying your target audience, created and curated content, marketing automation for time efficiencies and multichannel content strategy.

Chapter 8: Social media big data looks at the use of huge volumes of data within recruiting and social media, and how you can use it to make the correct hiring decisions. ‘Big data’ is a global buzzword and can confuse people, but if you use it correctly it can make the recruiter’s job much easier.

Chapter 9: Establishing ROI examines how it is possible to accurately establish a return on investment (ROI) using social media in recruitment. Technology plays a large part in measuring ROI, and
I take you through the step-by-step process to establish a tangible ROI using social media for recruiting.

Chapter 10: Social media guidelines offers recommendations of different policies and procedures you should be using when social media is involved in recruiting. It covers employee usage policy, and provides proven examples that you can utilize within your company.

Chapter 11: Building a business case for social media recruitment takes you through the process of how to build a business case for using social media within your recruitment strategy.

Chapter 12: Future recruitment looks at where social media and recruitment may end up and some of the changes that are happening now. Change in HR and recruitment is never as fast as it seems, and it covers technologies including mobile and video interviewing, which your company should already be using as part of its recruitment procedure.

Initial reviews have been superb

‘This well-written definitive guide to social media recruitment is an essential resource for integrating social media into recruitment strategies and processes. The book’s comprehensive and practical approach, with compelling case studies, provides a strategic framework and a clear road map, all in an insightful and engaging way.’

Heather Travis, Director, Asia Pacific, Armstrong Craven, and Chairman, Executive Research Association (ERA)

‘With social recruiting, there is no one silver bullet or strategy. Social Media Recruitment is one of the most comprehensive sources for all things social media recruiting to date.’
Jessica Miller-Merrell, Founder of Blogging4Jobs

‘This book is a must-read for recruiters, entrepreneurs, leaders and managers. Why? Because it helps them overcome the fear and doubts they have regarding using social media for recruitment and is a great, veracious guide to successfully doing that.’

René Bolier, Co-Founder, OnRecruit

‘Andy is the social media and recruitment expert that the experts in the industry seek out to read and listen to. His advice is spot on and supported by years of diverse consulting experience. After seven years in the social media recruitment arena, you’d think I’d know it all. Andy’s book is chock-full of case studies that are inspiring for my firm and clients. For years I’ve made Andy’s a blog a weekly must-read. His book surpasses his blog, with detailed case studies and examples of how to use social media properly to recruit.’

Kelly Dingee, Director, Strategic Recruiting at Staffing Advisors

‘Andy’s blog has been a must-read for me over the last several years. His clear writing style helps recruiters sharpen their social media skills. With this book
I hope recruiters, who are still not social media savvy, will build their skills and be relevant in a changing business world.’

Gautam Ghosh, Director, Talent Branding,

‘To me, Andy Headworth is the world’s pre-eminent authority in the area of social recruiting. His blogs on the ongoing process of using social media to recruit are always spot on and serve as a text book for best practices in social recruiting. I learn something valuable in every post, every blog, and every comment.’

Brenda Burch, Chief Retail Talent Sourcer, Bjork Enterprises Ltd

‘Any recruiting leader wanting to up their game in social recruiting will want to read this from cover to cover.’
Tony Restell, Founder,

‘The definitive guide to social media recruitment. Packed with practical advice and examples, this book makes a compelling case for social recruiting for even the most hardened social media sceptic. A must-read for those new to social recruiting, but with plenty of great content for those who are already social too.’
Gemma Reucroft, HR Director, Tunstall Group

‘Having worked in Recruitment/Talent Acquisition for 20 odd years, the current environment is exciting, fast paced, quickly evolving and for many …scary. Andy gets this, and this book is really going to help you. The vital importance of snaring good people is critical to business success. This book will give you the edge to get great people inside your walls.’
Hassanah Rudd, Australia Recruitment Manager, Fletcher Building

‘A brilliant business book for anyone looking to successfully integrate social media in their recruitment strategy. Andy’s knowledge of recruitment strategy, candidate attraction and content marketing strategy, as well as social media technologies, is unsurpassed and he delivers that knowledge in an interesting and meaningful way.’
Louise Triance, MD, UK Recruiter

‘It’s not often that you find a resource that not only outlines the current recruitment landscape in a meaningful way, but also gives practical steps for Talent Acquisition leaders to take to improve their results. Andy Headworth accomplishes this. Understanding the critical skill shortages in organizations
is a key factor in any recruitment strategy being effective. Andy tackles this with ease and includes case studies to back up all aspects of social media use for recruitment success. Whether you’re starting your strategy from the ground up, or you already have a strategy in place, Andy’s tips and examples provide direction for leaders on all parts of the spectrum.’ 
Trish McFarlane, CEO and Co-Founder, HRevolutionize LLP

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