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The Sirona Says Top 20 Blog Posts of 2012

  Well another year ticks by, and looking back it has been interesting to see which of the blog posts that have received the most views. Well, as a finale for the year I thought I would share the top 20 posts (according to post page views), as well as my favourite post of the […]

Recruiters: The world is moving on, why are you still standing still?

  I am amazed. Honestly I am truly amazed……. What planet are many recruitment companies living on when it comes to the future of their businesses? Over the last few months I have spoken to many different types of recruitment business, from small to huge, generic to sector specific to micro-niche etc, and I am […]

The Recruiters Perfect Storm [short video]

At the end of last year, I delivered several presentations to groups of recruitment companies, that seemed to hit a few nerves (positive ones I might add!). The aim of the presentations was to try to get recruiters to understand that the recruiting landscape has changed significantly, and that they need to be thinking a […]

Bring on 2012 - it is going to be an exciting year for recruitment!

  I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you. I have been writing this blog for nearly 5 years now >> *wow!* , and I still get as much of a buzz about writing it as I did when I started. The continual feedback and comment I get from readers […]