Sirona Consulting

This is a service that has been created by client demand. It is as simple as the name suggests. Our On-Demand Consulting allows you to access expert recruitment advice  - recruitment strategy, social recruiting, recruitment process or anything else recruitment related – by the hour. We said it was simple.

We have been doing this already with some clients, and they love the flexibility of getting great advice in a cost effective way, that is convenient for them, when they need it. It can be by telephone, Skype or via a Google+ Hangout – whichever works best for you in the part of the world you live in.

Even the payment mechanism is simple and easy. We charge by the hour (£150 | $250) and you pay via PayPal prior to the call.

Contact us now to set up your first call.

Some of the subjects that I have helped people with already are:

  1. Recruitment strategies
  2. New methods of candidate attraction
  3. Referral programs
  4. Getting started with social recruiting
  5. Sourcing candidates via social media
  6. Setting up LinkedIn Profiles correctly
  7. Advanced LinkedIn searching
  8. Using Twitter to help build a brand
  9. Creating a content hub with a blog
  10. Getting started with Twitter
  11. How to create a content strategy for social media
  12. How to use Google+ for recruitment
  13. Building Talent Circles on Google+ and engaging with them effectively

The only criteria we have in providing this service, is that it is carried out in English.

Contact us now  by email or call us on 01903 206249 to tell us what subject you require some guidance or help with and we will do the rest.

Just a few snippets of client feedback:

  • “Social Media is a vast and confusing concept and Andy’s knowledge and experience is invaluable.”
  • “Andy is a really engaging subject matter expert.”
  • “Andy has helped us to build personal and group networks that have very positively and significantly impacted on our business.”
  • “Social media is a subject that can sometimes be some what baffling and exhaustive, Andy’s approach was clear, with an excellent ability to put people at ease on technical matters.”
  • “Whether Andy’s talking to me about harnessing the power of social media in my business, giving advice on blogging, casting his eye over my website and making recommendations for improvements or being a sounding board for my ideas - he’s always my first point of contact when I need advice about anything online/recruitment related.”