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Who Would You Like To Meet In Person From Your Social Networks?


Who would you like to actually meet in person from your social media networks for a beer, wine or coffee? With social networks being truly global many relationships are just being based on tweets, messages, winky faces, comments and emails. In a such a fast moving world, that is to be expected.

I love it when I get to meet people, that I have already built an online ‘social’ relationship with, sometimes over several years. Sure I may have spoken to them or Skyped them, but getting the chance to bring online relationships offline is brilliant!

As someone who travels to different countries for work, speaking, attending conferences and working with clients, I am lucky to get the chance to do this. This may be the wrong phrase, but I hope you understand what I mean, when I say it ‘makes social media real‘. Do you know what I mean?
And what makes it a great thing to do, is that when you do get together with people, you already have that online relationship to build on.

So, back to my original question, who would you like to meet in person from your own social networks? Here are seven people that I have ‘known’ for ages in the social media world and hope to have a coffee/beer/wine with someday:


  1. Kelly Dingee. Kelly (@sourcerkelly ) was someone I connected with a few years ago. She got my attention as someone who was sharing great sourcing content via blogs and Twitter. That hasn’t changed - she is a respected sourcing genius and continues to provide tips, tricks, hacks and other wisdom on sourcing and recruiting. One day our paths will cross…..

  2. Jay Kuhns. Jay (@jrkuhns) has been in my timeline for a good few years now 🙂 He is the VP HR for a childrens hospital in Tampa, Florida. I first noticed his blog, which is an insightful look at all aspects of HR and the challenges it holds within the workplace. Then as we connected further I learnt about his love of hockey and how a big part it plays in his family and life. A beer in the Florida sun sounds good to me.

  3. Jennifer McClure. Jennifer (@jennifermcclure) is someone I feel like I know well but have never met! She is a top HR/Recruiting/socialrecruiting seaker and consultant in the US and as such shares great content from her travels. We have been connected for years, but have never been in the same place at the same time to grab that glass of wine! One day Jennifer!

  4. Sarang Brahme. Sarang (@sarangbrahme) and I actually worked together (virtually) many years ago in his early recruitment years, when he was working for an outsourcing company. He now works as the Global Head of Social Recruiting at Cap Gemini. A sourcing genius, he has always been a font of knowledge and it has been great seeing his career develop to where he is now. One day I will get to Pune in India for that cold beer with him!

  5. Mike Owcorz. Mike (@mikeowcarz) is one of those people that you just want to sit there for an evening and sink a whole table full of beers with! His industry knowledge (he works for Avature) is brilliant, his insights are thought provoking and his banter (on anything) is amusing.

  6. Dan Nuroo. Dan (@dannuroo) lives on the opposite side of the world to me, in Australia. As a recruitment manager he shares his wisdom and insights from his experiences down under, and is always part of the online conversations on Twitter. As a true aussie, I know he like a beer or two - maybe one day I will get to Melbourne to share one with him!

  7. Brenda Burch. Brenda (Facebook page) is someone who loves her corgis! Based in Vancouver she runs a social media marketing consultancy  and I got to know her via her recruitment work within the retail sector in Canada. She has always been very helpful and has a great network across businesses within the main canadian provinces. Maybe when I am back in Western Canada in May 2015, it will coincide with Brenda’s diary.

So what about you?

Who would you finally like to meet for real from your social networks?
Feel free to share in the comments below.

Next week I am hoping to meet a good ‘online’ friend and work colleague when Sara and I are in New York, as well as a HR Consultant we met last time we we there. Although I think it might be more chilled than the recruitment conversation we had last time, in the Disney Store in Times Square at 10.30pm on evening. Looking forward to it Victorio 🙂

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