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Firstly let’s define what social media actually is.

Social media describes the online technologies and practices that people use to share opinions, experiences, perspectives and media itself. It can take many different forms including text, images, audio and video.
These sites typically use technologies such as blogs, micro-blogs, messaging, podcasts and wikis to interact. This is the web 2.0 world!

You will have seen many of these images below on the web, and all of them are included under the term social media.


The web 2.0 world is a fast evolving one, and there are new websites arriving every day. Although tracking them all would be impossible, it is worth  noting that they can become a useful recruiting tool relatively quickly.
As a good example, Twitter, the micro-blogging site is now being used by companies as a recruitment channel, and it only rose to prominence 3-6 months ago! Follow one of us on Twitter, here.

Job seekers are now very aware of the social media, and are very comfortable in all aspects of using these sites. Companies have therefore got to change the way they approach communicating with their future propsective candidates, and they will have to engage with social media is some form or another. Here is a short presentation explaining social media, and why you need to embrace it.

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