Sirona Consulting

We have created a series of short videos (1-3 minutes each), full of advice and tips on using social media for recruiting. We cover getting started with social media, identifying the right social networks to use, tips on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, creating content and sharing it across your networks, social media time management and establishing a social media return on investment (ROI).

We hope you find them useful and enjoy watching them.

‘How To Video’ Introduction

How To Get Started Using Social Media For Recruitment

How To Identify The Right Social Networks To Use For Your Recruitment

How To Ensure You Use LinkedIn Effectively For Recruitment

Using Twitter for recruiting

How To Use Facebook For Recruitment

How To Use Google Plus For Recruitment

How To Use Video For Recruiting

How To Create A Social Media Content Hub

How To Find Good Content To Share On Social Media

How To Manage Your Time Effectively When Using Social Media

How To Measure ROI On Social Media In Recruitment