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10 Ways Recruiters Can Attract More Candidates On Social Media

Over the course of the last month I have delivered a series of presentations to recruiters - both in-house and agency side. This is the first of the presentations  - How Recruiters Can Build Their Social Media Profiles To Attract More Candidates. I was asked to share my experiences of some of the things recruiters could do on social media that would benefit them in their social media candidate attraction.

I have screen recorded the presentation and here it is:

For anyone wanting a snippet of the video, the ten points to consider when looking to attract more candidates on social media are:

  1. Do your homework first and figure out who your target audience is.
  2. Make sure your headline tells people what you do - the less cryptic the better!
  3. Make sure you have a good profile picture - no speedos please!
  4. Keep the same profile picture across all the social media profiles that candidates could find you (for work). Be consistent.
  5. Write the profile for your specific audience - it isn’t for your boss or the marketing department, it should be for the people you want to engage.
  6. Make sure that there is regular activity on your social media profile - there is nothing worse than a social media profile looking like a dead-end ghost town.
  7. Ensure your content and engagement interesting (to your audience) -if you think it is boring and not relevant, the chances are that your audience will think the same! Don’t post it.
  8. Always be connecting and following. On this occasion numbers do count, so keep on connecting with people on LinkedIn, following them on Twitter, Instagram etc.
  9. The more engaging you are then the more likely your target audience are going to reciprocate that - keep up the commenting, liking and sharing your target audience’s content, it is a great way of building a following.
  10. Inject your own character into your social profiles - it helps to build your own individual brand and differentiate your profile.

As I said these are a snippet of what is in the video.

The second presentation will follow next week so make sure to subscribe to Sirona Says  to see it.

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