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Recruit Where Your Candidates Are Active In 2016 (Video)

The future of recruitment for 2016 has seemingly spawned hundreds of blog posts and articles, covering everything from ATS technology, predictive analytics, candidate experience, CRM and much more. I love tech and looking for new solutions to solve recruiting problems, but sometimes I feel that companies should take a step back and think in more detail about the important thing every company craves - the talent they need for their business (or their clients). Below is video of an interview I did recently that explains in more detail what I mean, when I say that you, as recruiters, need to recruit where your candidates are active in 2016.

At the end of last year I was asked to Keynote the The Online Recruitment Conference in Budapest, Hungary. My presentation - Is Your Employer Brand Letting Your Recruitment Down - was very well received by the 400 strong audience of recruiters and HR professionals. While I was there I was interviewed on video by a journalist, who asked me my thoughts on how companies can really make the most of social recruiting. Having watched it back for the first time this week after I received the edited copy, I realised it is a good video on what we should all be focusing on for this year - the candidates themselves! It is of course a subject I have written about several times but the video here really brings together all the areas companies can improve - social, mobile, sourcing, engagement and understanding your target candidate audience.

If you have a problem watching it in the post, the YouTube link is /5xBbrLJMB3E

If this subject resonates with you, and you need some help at your company getting your recruitment better aligned, or maybe you need someone to speak at your event on this subject just send me an email and let’s have a chat.

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