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These US Recruitment Posters Make You Think

When you travel to different countries you see different methods companies use to attract talent locally, and aimed at specific audiences. Sometimes these are interesting, sometimes they are just job posters, but sometimes like the one above they are right on the money. It gets your attention. To put the poster into context. It was […]

This is why social media cold turkey will be easy for me!

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am more than a little active on many of the social media channels. Well, by the time you read this I will be several days into my holiday to this fantastic island in the indian ocean. Social media cold turkey for me then, but I don't reckon […]

#SocialRecruiting survey shows LinkedIn beats Facebook big style!

 Bullhorn released a very revealing infographic this week based on their survey of 35,000 recruiters (2012 Bullhorn Reach Social Recruiting Activity Report) regarding social recruiting. I have taken a section out of it above, which shows how recruiters are using social media for recruitment. Any noticeable surprises? Probably not for most people! Well there is […]

Which of these is your response when some mentions social media?

  What someone mentions social media for recruitment (social recruiting) to you, what is your immediate reaction? Terror? Ignore it completely and hope it goes away? Know it is there but just won't listen or acknowledge it? Happy, because you KNOW the potential it has for you and your company? Many recruiters and recruitment owners […]

How To Get Started With Social Recruiting e-Book [FREE]

  Over the last month I have put together another e-book on Social Recruiting - this time, a whole range of tips on the different social media platforms to help get you started. (The last one - a compilation of all my best social recruiting blog posts, has had over 500 downloads and is still […]

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Isn’t this the best job add you have ever seen?

   [This is the team at Poke London as per their website] How many recruitment adverts have you seen over the years? [I actually don't even want to add that figure up!] How many of them have REALLY got your attention and made you read it 2 or 3 times in admiration? Exactly - very […]

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