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There Is No Excuse For Recruiters Posting Jobs Like This Anymore

  What is THE most important thing to recruiters - you know the one thing they just cannot do without? It shouldn’t be a hard... Read More

My Recent Recruitment Conference Experiences in New Zealand

  What are the benefits of doing the job that you do? Well one of mine is that I get invited to to travel to... Read More

Forget 2017, The Future of Recruitment Is Here. Now

  Image credit At what point do you stop believing job data? Every single day in the press, online, on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn there... Read More

Tell Me Again - Why Are You Doing Social Recruiting?

  What do you do when you get in your car? Do you randomly drive around roads or do you actually plan to drive somewhere... Read More

Five Wrong Assumptions Many Recruiters Are Making On LinkedIn

  What are the biggest assumptions that many recruiters are making currently on LinkedIn? I see them every single day. Recruitment agencies are just as... Read More

7 Ways to ensure your content strategy is not social MEdia

  What do you do when you are in a bar or at a party and someone comes over and starts talking to you about... Read More

Why The UK’s Biggest Employer Is Turning To Social Media For #SocialRecruiting

Many companies are still pushing back on social recruiting. As I posted last week, for many companies social media for recruitment has become a distress... Read More
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