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You decide: Is this RPO recruitment video the best or worst you have ever seen?

  Now let's be fair, recruitment video's are not normally known for being too different are they? You know the stuff - here's our company, here's our people, here's what we can do for you - you have all seen them, so you know what I mean! I discovered this video a while ago and […]

Social Recruiting with Sirona Consulting [video]

Over the last few weeks, I have had several people ask me what exactly we do at Sirona Consulting. They are all subscribers of my blog, so they know we are passionate about social recruiting, but didn't quite know what we do with our clients.  So instead of writing a blog explaining about our training […]

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Can you spot the big error with this good recruitment video?

  How many recruitment video's have you seen that - shall we say - could be a lot better? I would take a bet that the figure is well north of 50%. Many are too long, not focused on the target audience or they have got confused with branding, marketing and recruitment messages. Therefore when […]

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Social Recruiting, Paris and #SRCONF

  In a few weeks I will be over in Paris (on the 1st December) talking social recruiting at the #SRCONF Social Recruiting Conference. They have already held two successful events in London, but this is the first time the 'show is on the road', with France the host country. I am looking forward to […]