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The Recruitment Phoenix is starting to rise, but how do you make it fly?

Today's post is a first for my blog - it is written by a guest writer. Over the next few weeks and months I have a number of fantastic guest writers lined up to share with you some great content from the world of recruitment. They are all experts in their particular subject matter, and […]

Recruitment and Retention has now just got harder!!

While I appreciate that the whole world is having recruitment challenges, I wanted to highlight two problems that I feel are going to impact massively on recruitment and retention. I have actually already experienced both of them with candidates in the last few weeks, and I am sure it will just get worse. So what […]

Have you experienced The Frustration Cycle

This is one of the most frustrating parts of being a recruiter - when a company tells you they want to recruit, but then tell you they haven’t the time to do it. Here is my interpretation of this annoyance - I have called it The Frustration Cycle!!   Anyone suffer the same?

Job for Life - not for us say the Generation Y’ers!

Believe it or not, ten years have passed since the phrase that went into HR and Recruitment immortality - The War for Talent - was born. It was actually Mckinsey that created it in their report of the same name. But many years after this initial offering, it could be that ‘war’ might be the […]

2008 - The Perfect Storm is Brewing

No I don’t mean that weather thing, or the "alleged" impending financial meltdown. I am referring to waves that will be caused by the combination of fast advancing internet technology, the rise of a generation of (very) net-savvy collaborative people and global economic interdependence.To survive these resulting waves in 2008, companies will just have to […]