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Why good people sourcers are like pure gold dust [including a superb Prezzi]

  If you think you know anything about recruitment, could you tell me about the art of sourcing? I mean, do you actually know how (good) recruitment sourcers do their job to find all those great candidates that you (as the recruiter) could only dream of finding? I like to think that I have pretty […]

The top 20 recruitment myths and why they are all untrue!

  This post was originally inspired by an an article I read within one of the LinkedIn groups I am a member of. Then the inspiration took a mad turn……. after I posted an innocent question on Twitter this morning, asking what recruitment myths are a load of rubbish!! In the original article, Rebecca Sargeant, […]

Social media stops talk. Here are ten ways to help you build that conversation again.

For many recruiters the art of communication is absolutely key the their success. They engage with their candidates and clients on the phone or in person on a very regular basis. I am beginning to think that these recruiters are actually becoming the exception not the norm!  The advent of email marketing, email CV blasting […]

The Recruitment Phoenix is starting to rise, but how do you make it fly?

Today's post is a first for my blog - it is written by a guest writer. Over the next few weeks and months I have a number of fantastic guest writers lined up to share with you some great content from the world of recruitment. They are all experts in their particular subject matter, and […]