The end of the nineties was the time when erectile pills were introduced to the public. Cialis was chosen as the most powerful and unique medication. You can find Cialis - almost in every drugstore today but there are also some other similar drugs. For example, people often buy Priligy in Ireland. This medication is famous for its mild side effects and additional therapeutic influence. Priligy is also used as an effective means of treating premature ejaculation. You can order this drug to solve two problems at once and enhance your stamina.
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Would these employee benefits help keep you at a company?

We all know that as the market is fast picking up, the passive employees are slowly becoming 'un-passive' and seeing what else is out there in the job market. Coupled to this, there is the tranche of recruiters and organisations now actively targeting passive job seekers (social media has REALLY helped this). Companies (if they […]

Social recruiting the Starbucks way

There are not too many social recruiting case studies that are around in the UK at the moment, but there are still some good examples social recruiting being used in other countries. This is a Slideshare presentation I saw today from Starbucks which I believe sums up social recruiting very well - if you approach […]

How delivering a successful recruitment strategy made my client very happy

As someone who consults with organisations about recruitment, there are times when you lose track of everything you have achieved on a project - especially with a large and lengthy project. Recently I finished a large recruitment project for a household name European client (sorry I have to keep that anonymous currently). While putting together […]

The 10 ways to manage your workforce in a recession, courtesy of a CIPD & ACAS JV

Thanks to a CIPD and ACAS joint venture on the subject of helping companies during the recession, they have produced their official guidelines to managing your workforce during a recession. It is an excellent checklist for helping your business through the recession and out the outher side in the best possible way for the stability of […]

Does Your Business need a Recruitment Pinch Hitter now?

I am sure that many of you are not fans of Baseball, so first let me explain what a pinch hitter actually is: They are simply defined as a substitute for another person, especially in an emergency or a moment of need.  This expression comes from baseball, where it is used for a player substituting […]

Talent Management and free beans for a year!!

If someone mentions the product, baked beans, to you, which brand is synonymous with them? Well for me there is only one brand - Heinz. The same goes for soup, Heinz again!But even with two such powerful brands (and others of course), the company were starting to lose market share, and even confidence in their […]