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Is this what the the recruiter of tomorrow look like?

Is This What The Recruiter Of Tomorrow Will Look Like?

If you were hiring a new recruiter next week, what skills would you want them to have? This is not a trick question at all - ask the same question just two years ago and the answer would have been vastly different to today, in my opinion. Firstly, let me just cover off all the […]

Talent warehouses, recruitment communities and chocolate talent pools

  Over the last month I have been doing a-l-o-t of writing. I had been commissioned to write a business report book looking at social media in recruitment and the reality of it in the workplace.As part of the process, there was obviously much reading and research.It surprised me at how much it takes over […]

The recruitment reality check: Your employees are leaving sometime soon!

Are you one of those companies who like sticking your fingers in your ears, while singing 'la la la' out loud. hoping that it won't happen to you? Come on, you know you are! After all, all your staff are happy, you have a great employer brand and everything is 'nice and dandy' with your […]

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Is this the ultimate talent acquisition strategy?

We all know the world of sports is a rule to itself when it comes to employment law and contracts. Today I want to ask your opinion on what I see as a very worrying trend at one Football Club, that is either unethical, unfair or just good business sense in the world of talent […]

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Social Recruiting has to be a symbiotic relationship to be successful

Before I explain my thinking, let me first give you a biology lesson. Hands up if you studied biology at school? Well if you did, then you will know what symbiosis is and how it works - if you didn't let me just explain:A symbiotic relationship between two organisms means that they need on each […]

Social media in employer branding: Is this the key to successful social recruiting?

There is one question that employers want to know when discussing social recruiting, and it crops up time and time again: What do job seekers expect with regards to social media, and how do they interact with social media with regards to recruitment? There are usually three reasons behind this question: 1) Companies are considering […]