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How To Source Candidates Using Google Plus and Twitter [Recording]

  Google+ and Twitter are still being under-used by recruiters and sourcers looking to identify and engage with new candidates. There are huge advantages - 2.6 billion  - in using these platforms to identify prospective talent across all sectors, industries and in different countries. Yesterday I delivered a live webinar for Sourcecon (ERE), on the […]


How To Create Great Profiles And Passive Talent Circles On Google Plus (Slides)

  If there is one social media platform that is polarizing opinion in the social recruiting world currently, then it is most definitely Google Plus! As I said in my last G+ post, many of the detractors have actually never given it a real go. But, what I do like is that when you show […]

10 Ways To Use Google Plus For Recruitment In 2014

  Google Plus  has been ignored, ridiculed and abused by recruiters the world over. I regularly get told that G+ is…….  “A waste of time”, “No candidates on there”, “No-one uses it”, “Not another waste of time social network“, “It’s a candidate ghost town” <and my favourite> “It isn’t like LinkedIn!" And what makes these […]

How To Use Google Plus And Pinterest For Recruiting [#SMIR13 Slides]

Yesterday I delivered a workshop masterclass at the Social Media In Recruitment Conference - #SMIR13 - in London. My goal was to enlighten the audience as to the powers of Google Plus with regards to recruitment. It was fun As always I share my slides from these conferences and they are at the end of […]

Have you got time for a Google Plus Masterclass @ #SMIR13 ?

  Social recruiting now has a staple diet of 'main stream' social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. And that it as far as many people look - they make their social media assumptions on networks based on these platforms and what is written about them. Well there are others that need consideration […]

How To Use Google Plus For Social Recruiting

  Yesterday I delivered the presentation 'How to use Google+ for social recruiting' to the APSCo MSquared marketing group, which turned into a very enjoyable interactive afternoon.  As always I like to share my slides so here is the presentation: How To Use Google Plus For Social Recruiting from Sirona Consulting Ltd If you would […]