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You Can Now Officially Search For Twitter Lists on Twitter. Here’s How.

  *Great news* You can search for Twitter Lists again. Now this may get all of you excited but if you are in recruitment, sourcing, business development or research it should! Twitter lists are one of the best parts of using Twitter, as they save you so much time, and are brilliant at focusing on […]

What is it with Recruiters and Twitter?

  Let's be honest, Twitter can be a little intimidating when you first start. Followers, Lists, Tweets, ReTweets (RT's) etc. sound like a a whole bunch of foreign words initially. However, they ARE easy to understand and the basics of Twitter are straight forward to grasp, even for a 'still in shorts' beginner.  I am […]

What should I (as a recruiter) Tweet on Twitter?

  Even though Twitter has been around for years now (and has gone mainstream), it still provides me with the 'most asked social network question' when I am doing social media training with recruiters. For some reason Twitter, more than others, evokes brain freeze when it comes to posting tweets. The question is always is […]

Is it really LinkedIn we are seeing or a Facebook/GooglePlus/Twitter Mashup?

This week there has been two much improved (at last!) updates to the mobile sites of LinkedIn and Facebook. And we have seen some significant changes with LinkedIn over the last few weeks (I got the new @ Mentions yesterday!). This was a question I posed at a recent workshop, and one that I wanted […]

10 Reasons Why I UnFollow, UnFriend and Disconnect People From My Social Networks

Today was one of those mornings in my LinkedIn and Twitter feeds - massive duplication, lazy posting, jobs and people talking utter rubbish! Time to unleash the sabre……. and cut them out of my networks!  I have no obligation to have these people in my networks. I have connected, friended and followed them because I […]

The 7 Twitter Tools I use every week. What do you use?

  After my last Twitter post  - 10 ways to use Twitter more effectively for social recruiting - I have had a number of people ask me what tools/products and platforms I use for Twitter, and which ones I would recommend. The truth is that there are many 3rd party applications for Twitter that are […]