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Will #iRecruitExpo Deliver Innovation Or BAU?

How many recruitment, talent and HR leaders’ presentations does it take to make you feel good/bad about your recruitment strategy? Honestly?  I have no idea, but I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow to find out!  Now in it’s second year, iRecruit Expo has quickly become the biggest recruitment specific conference in Europe. While biggest doesn’t […]


Is Your Ego Affecting Your Social Media Recruiting?

    When was the last time you checked yourself out? (I mean on social media not in a mirror!) If you haven’t done so for a while, then you may want to take a look, especially if you are in recruitment or talent/candidate attraction.The reason is simple - prospective candidates ARE checking YOU out […]


How are the 76% of employers who plan to hire more staff in 2014 actually going to do it?

  What is happening in the job marketplace at the moment?  We are seeing business growth, business confidence and importantly for the recruitment industry, an increased demand for both permanent and temporary recruits. This is fantastic news for everyone on a whole number of levels.But, before the whole recruitment industry get's carried away with this […]


Are You Breaking Walter’s Rule With Your Social Media Marketing?

  Are you guilty of breaking Walter’s Rule, when sharing your content on social media? I think we have all been guilty of it sometimes - especially if we have not done our homework correctly and shared irrelevant content with the wrong audience. Walter’s Rule: Don’t share the same boring crap with me that everyone […]

10 Ways To Use Google Plus For Recruitment In 2014

  Google Plus  has been ignored, ridiculed and abused by recruiters the world over. I regularly get told that G+ is…….  “A waste of time”, “No candidates on there”, “No-one uses it”, “Not another waste of time social network“, “It’s a candidate ghost town” <and my favourite> “It isn’t like LinkedIn!" And what makes these […]

♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like [insert word] everywhere you go ♫

  Picture credit   If you are anything like me then you have just inserted the Michael Buble disc into your brain, and added the word 'Christmas' into the title of the post. Now (like me) I guarantee you are singing the song - just in case here you go: I have actually woken up […]