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Bad things to say at a job interview by MockTheWeek comedians [video]

I came across this funny video over the weekend. It is from the BBC programme Mock The Week, and I guess could be described as satirical comedy on the edge! This is a bunch of comedians and their ideas of bad things to say at an interview. Some answers not to be listened to by […]

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Social media privacy goes both ways in the interview process!

  The thorny subject of social media privacy and online candidate checking raised its head a few weeks ago (again), when I had a discussion (well you can call it that!) with an HR Manager who was niaive at best. I don't need to go into a lengthy discussion about this, as it is to […]

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Social recruiting is here to stay, so should we be using candidate video interviewing more? (Multiple contributors to this post)

Last week, I decided to write a blog post on the use of video interviewing in the recruitment process. Rather than just give you my opinion (which you are going to get anyway!), I asked people on LinkedIn and Twitter what they thought - little did I realise the interest it would create!  Here are […]

Funny Dilbert videos on Evil HR, Job interviews and employee downsizing

Post election we all need a little amusement, so here are a few of Dilbert classic short cartoons, with some (accurate, I think!) points being made with regards to HR, a job interview and employee downsizing strategy. Enjoy…. 1. Dilbert: Soul-O-Meter and Catbert, Evil H.R. Director video  2. Dilbert: Job Interview and Employee downsizing "strategy" […]

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I bet you can’t answer all these!! Is this the most comprehensive list of interview questions you have seen?

I was going through one of my old websites yesterday, and I came across this extensive (if I say so myself) list of interview questions I had on the website. They are aimed at both companies looking for interview help, and for candidates looking for some help to get through interviews. So you reckon you […]

Are employers making it too easy for the gen Y’ers attending their interviews?

Since my daughter has come back from Australia a few weeks ago she has been starting to look for a new job. As an absolutely classic gen Y person she didn't really have a specific idea of what type of job she wanted or what type of career path she wanted to go down at […]