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I bet you can’t answer all these!! Is this the most comprehensive list of interview questions you have seen?

I was going through one of my old websites yesterday, and I came across this extensive (if I say so myself) list of interview questions I had on the website. They are aimed at both companies looking for interview help, and for candidates looking for some help to get through interviews. So you reckon you […]

OK, so what DO you have to wear to the interview to get a job then?

Is it a sign of the times that 76% of British bosses will make a decision on your suitability for their job,  based on what you are wearing when you sit in front of them at the interview? Is this really a surprise? I don't think, so as employers have been doing it for years. […]

Are Job Seekers wasting their time with Recruitment Agencies?

Every day now there are seemingly endless amounts of people ending up in the queues at the Job Centres. Even today, the Government are trying to help the middle classes who have found themselves out of work in this recession, with special initiatives to help them find work. So, as someone who has spent their […]

‘Superheads’ - THE most important Talent Managers?

There has been much debate about the pay of Head Teachers, especially with the news that ‘Superheads’ - managing large grammar schools - should expect to earn circa £200k for the work they do. So, what is the problem here, and why are so many people so shocked? We have a ‘talent crunch’ (sounds better […]

Let me explain more with a video…

Some of you may have seen the yellow graphic in the sidebar to the left, some of you may even have linked through to the site as well. is a forward thinking website aimed at SME companies who fail to use their own website to recruit staff (shame on you!). Of course they are […]

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How to say, “I like you” without even speaking a word

Getting it right will win you business, but get it wrong and you can kiss that deal goodbye! What am I going on about? simple really, body language. This follows on from my previous post, and shows you all the positive and negative indicators that will show you where you need to improve, before you […]