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Is there really a UK North/South divide in LinkedIn/Facebook jobseeker use?

  Social recruiting (using social media in recruitment for the initiated) continues to gather momentum. Facebook this week announced their new (social) Graph Search, which looks like a real step forward for using Facebook for effective recruitment searching. But what about the people that matter for recruiters - the candidates. What are they thinking about […]

5 Things you absolutely, definitely and positively must not put on your LinkedIn profile

Today has just tipped my blogging scales to trigger this mini rant (although it has been building for a couple of days!) I am a fairly heavy LinkedIn user, as I use it every day for work - heck I even train people in using it for social recruiting!  The point is, I probably look […]

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Bad things to say at a job interview by MockTheWeek comedians [video]

I came across this funny video over the weekend. It is from the BBC programme Mock The Week, and I guess could be described as satirical comedy on the edge! This is a bunch of comedians and their ideas of bad things to say at an interview. Some answers not to be listened to by […]

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What many in the recruitment sector fail to realise - job seekers are their lifeblood!

People will pay for the value THEY perceive NOT what you tell them it is Sounds like a bit of an obvious statement doesn't it? But just think about it for a moment. As a consumer (customer) do you buy the product you are interested in because you believe 100% in what the salesperson said […]

Is this the ultimate reason for someone not turning up for work?

Yesterday, I was given a unique and funny reason as to why someone had to postpone a meeting with me (today) - more of that in a moment.  It reminded me of what for me is still my best excuse EVER (in 20+ years in recruitment) for someone not  going to work. The question is […]

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Funny Dilbert videos on Evil HR, Job interviews and employee downsizing

Post election we all need a little amusement, so here are a few of Dilbert classic short cartoons, with some (accurate, I think!) points being made with regards to HR, a job interview and employee downsizing strategy. Enjoy…. 1. Dilbert: Soul-O-Meter and Catbert, Evil H.R. Director video  2. Dilbert: Job Interview and Employee downsizing "strategy" […]

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