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are you nuts

The ‘Are You Nuts?’ Recruitment Strategies

  I just want you to picture the following conversation I have had with four companies over the last two weeks ( and more recently). It has prompted the same response from me on each occasion - “Are you nuts?”. Me: So you have been having issues attracting and recruiting the skills you need? Company: […]

The iRecruit Expo Stage

10 Recruitment Insights From Amsterdam’s #iRecruitExpo

For two days last week, the good (and some great) people from the world of recruitment, talent and HR descended on the RAI in Amsterdam, for the annual iRecruit Conference. It was an enjoyable and well organised conference, and one I would recommend looking out for next year. It was well attended, but why weren’t […]

Recruitment technology in the cloud

Will #iRecruitExpo Deliver Innovation Or BAU?

How many recruitment, talent and HR leaders’ presentations does it take to make you feel good/bad about your recruitment strategy? Honestly?  I have no idea, but I am going to Amsterdam tomorrow to find out!  Now in it’s second year, iRecruit Expo has quickly become the biggest recruitment specific conference in Europe. While biggest doesn’t […]


Will It Be Innovation Or Tradition At #HRTechEurope this week?

  When I attend the big HR Tech Europe  conference this week in London, will I be seeing evolution, innovation or the same products as last year just wrapped up differently? At their event in Amsterdam last year, I thought there was a good balance of new(ish) products finally gaining traction in the traditional HR […]

Has Social Media Now Become A Distress Purchase For HR?

  Let's be fair, social media isn't a new thing. It hasn't all of a sudden just turned up with a Taser and stunned the world into immediate submission. Social media (depending on how you define it) has been around now for a good number of years - I know, I have been on it in […]

How a HR Director and a Toaster told the same story

  Picture credit - BitRebels Why is it companies won't make changes to important systems and processes unless they get multiple complaints about them? Let me give you an example. Last week I was staying away for work in a respected hotel chain. I went down for breakfast and put a couple of slices of […]