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How To Find The Best LinkedIn Groups To Join

  What is still one of the best ways to actually connect with people on LinkedIn? You got it, LinkedIn Groups. But which ones should you join, and more importantly how do you find the best ones to join? Before I get down to showing you, I want you just to consider why you want […]

How To Avoid Being a Linkedin Desperate Dan

  If you are looking for a job, should you make it obvious on your LinkedIn profile? More importantly, does it make a difference? This was a question that one of my blog subscribers in Australia emailed me this week. It is a superb question and one that I get asked a lot by job […]

Five Wrong Assumptions Many Recruiters Are Making On LinkedIn

  What are the biggest assumptions that many recruiters are making currently on LinkedIn? I see them every single day. Recruitment agencies are just as guilty as corporate recruiters, and it shows no sign of changing anytime soon.  We all know what happens when you make assumptions - they usually come round and give you […]

Why Relevant Keywords Are Essential To Your LinkedIn Success [Mini Case Study]

  Do you get frustrated at the lack of people viewing your LinkedIn profile and your LinkedIn Company Page? Are you confused why that chef from Indonesia has just checked you out on LinkedIn? There is a good reason whey these things are happening - your LinkedIn profile does not contain the right content. It […]

Grow a pair and stop being a LinkedIn Ninja

  Over the last three weeks I have noticed a marked increase in the number of secret service ninja's that have been reading my profile on LinkedIn. Of course what I really mean, is that they have put their LinkedIn accounts to appear as anonymous - they don't want to be seen searching profiles. Why? […]

How to make it REALLY easy for people to contact you on LinkedIn

  Have you ever thought why people don't make contact with you after viewing your LinkedIn profile? You have done the right thing according to LinkedIn - you have filled out some of your contact details in the Contact box (in bottom right of the header box), yet people still don't know how to get […]