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Should there be a Recruitment Vomit Hall of Shame?

Is it any wonder why recruiters get a bad rep? I get REALLY fed up with the lazy way that recruiters and the companies they work for send emails like the one I have just received below, from a recruitment agency I have never spoken to. At a recent conference someone referred to the overload […]

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I was genuinely stunned when I received THIS email from a recruiter!

Every week, probably just like you, I receive emails and LinkedIn messages from recruiters asking me about; (1) jobs,  (2) referrals and occasionally (3) help in identifying companies for niche candidates. Depending on their approach, I help if I can.  But when I got an email like the one I received a few weeks ago, […]

The top 20 recruitment myths and why they are all untrue!

  This post was originally inspired by an an article I read within one of the LinkedIn groups I am a member of. Then the inspiration took a mad turn……. after I posted an innocent question on Twitter this morning, asking what recruitment myths are a load of rubbish!! In the original article, Rebecca Sargeant, […]

Rant time: Some HR home truths!

[If you are an HR person or Recruiter of a paranoid disposition, then don't read further!] I have just read an 'interesting' post from the the man of mystery - the anonymous @TheHRD, on the excellent blog My Hell is Other People. On his blog today the subject is candidate testing, personality profiling, assessments etc. […]

The crap customer service of the month awards go to…….

Over the past few weeks I have seen evidence firsthand of abysmal customer service by some very big brands indeed. What the hell is wrong with these (and other) companies that continue to give customers a bum deal? Can't they recruit the right quality staff? Is there training that bad? or do they simply not […]

Monster just made me bang my head against a brick wall….hard!!

Monster gets a load of bad press now and again. Sometimes justified, but other times bloggers and industry types just love to jump on Monster's back  and pummel then until they are black and blue!! I won't be jumping on their back, but I do have to question their approach to sales….in a recession! Now […]