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Is this the ultimate reason for someone not turning up for work?

Yesterday, I was given a unique and funny reason as to why someone had to postpone a meeting with me (today) - more of that in a moment.  It reminded me of what for me is still my best excuse EVER (in 20+ years in recruitment) for someone not  going to work. The question is […]

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Have TotalJobs lost the plot with this unethical advertising campaign aimed at Jobseekers?

Totaljobs have either lost the plot completely, thrown their morals out of the window, or they have become so desperate that they will promote anything for an advertising commission cheque? Today I received this email (above) from a very confused (and angry) job seeker. They had received this email from TotalJobs, advertising a 'free' seminar […]

Monster just made me bang my head against a brick wall….hard!!

Monster gets a load of bad press now and again. Sometimes justified, but other times bloggers and industry types just love to jump on Monster's back  and pummel then until they are black and blue!! I won't be jumping on their back, but I do have to question their approach to sales….in a recession! Now […]

Wow! My blog was voted as one of the Top 25 Talent Management Blogs!

It is fantastic when you receive some adulation for what you enjoy doing, and this is the case for me and my blog. Yesterday I found out that I had made it into the Fistful of Talent's The Talent Management Blog Power Rankings 2.0.  It represents the best of the talent/recruiting/HR/human capital blogs - they looked at […]

Who says there is no money in HR??

  This advert on the front page of this weeks Sunday Times Appointments answers the question many ask about HR…….How much money can I make working in HR? (Sorry for the quality it is scanned) Well at current exchange rates, I work the c$750,000 package out to be worth £478,950 !!  Ok, so you have […]

Google’s Barbie Doll recruitment approach.

I read an article today by Matt Asay, which makes me wonder if Google are turning to blatant sexual stereotyping to aid their recruiting? Surely not I hear you cry, Google exploiting certain market sectors to get what they want?Matt mentions that one of his friends was in San Jose for a corporate event. While […]