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A New Recruiting Platform That Has a 98% Candidate Email Open Rate

Every so often you see a new product that makes you go wow! In our industry you would think this happens a lot, especially with all the ‘new’ recruitment and HR  start-ups, apps and products seemingly being released every week, but it doesn’t. It appears that everyone is trying to fix similar issues - ATS’s, […]

sense of community

What Recruitment Can Learn From Community Managers

Image source How often do you venture into other industries to learn and benefit from their knowledge and experiences? If you don’t you should try it sometime, as you will be surprised how much you can gain from trying it. I did this yesterday by paying to attend the FeverBee Sprint Europe Conference for Community […]

So where are the 10 hottest job markets going to be in 2020?

The world of employment seems to be moving so fast at the moment, it is sometime hard to keep up. I think both Companies and Recruitment Organisations actually need a pair of crystal balls (so to speak!) to be able to keep up - one to help them understand what is happening in three months […]

Great talent isn’t necessarily the right talent - is it?

  There are some really good presentations out there, that use real life experiences to explain talent selection and talent management. There is no better than this brilliant video from Rasmus Ankersen told in a way we can all understand - a picture storyboard. I have now watched it a few times and I simply find myself […]

What’s the difference between a consultant, interim, contractor, fixed-term contractor & freelancer?

Right…… starter for ten - in the good old University Challenge style - can you describe how each of the headline 'roles' differs - a contractor, an interim, a consultant, a fixed-term contract and a freelancer? Word of warning: this is not as easy as you first think! Anyone in the recruitment space or anyone […]

How far will you go to find the right talent for your organisation?

  [Please note: this graphic is represents a journey through the stages, not a heirachical structure with the top being the pinnacle.] Just how far will you go to find the right talent for your organisation? Some client conversations over the last few weeks produces a consistent answer - not far enough.It seems that many […]