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Blimey - a Web 3.0 job advert in The Sunday Times!

I supposed we shouldn’t be surprised to see this type of advert in The Sunday Times Appointments, but never the less, it is a little surprising when you consider most companies still aren’t even using web 2.0 on their websites! Obviously the ‘client’ is a foreward thinking organisation, and wants to stay ahead of its […]

Come on employers, Web 2.0 won’t bite!

What is it with companies that continually moan about recruitment and retention issues, but still choose to do little about engaging with job seekers? Why is it about engaging with their future employees that is so awful anyway?Web 2.0 has been talked about now for what seems like ages - in fact there is now […]

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Has Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) been around longer than we realise?

Are the principles of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), a key part of today’s web world in terms of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), really that innovative? Compare them to the ‘old analogue world’ style and see what you think. Three of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are; 1. Don’t do anything to […]

Can GlobalPitch replace your CV?

This week I received an email regarding this new site - GlobalPitch . It appears to be using the concept of online CV profile that, once created, can be used as part of the recruitment process. You can present your client with the link to the online profile as well as a copy of a […]