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Using Twitter to grow your business

At the end of last year I read a really good book by Michael Stelzner called Writing White Papers. So when I was reading a post on Copyblogger, and realised it was written by Michael, then I knew it would be worth reading…….and it really is! I don't know about you, but I am having […]

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Don’t worry, blogs ARE like the Duracell Bunny!

As part of some research I am doing for a client, I am interviewing many gen Y'ers across the whole of the UK. One of the questions I slipped in was to do with social media and which sites people used. I included blogs in that list (obviously) and, I expected there to be many […]

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Come on employers, Web 2.0 won’t bite!

What is it with companies that continually moan about recruitment and retention issues, but still choose to do little about engaging with job seekers? Why is it about engaging with their future employees that is so awful anyway?Web 2.0 has been talked about now for what seems like ages - in fact there is now […]

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Blogs ARE here to stay, so get started!

Many companies are still shying away from the power of the blog. But some latest figures released by Comscore show that blogs are what people are reading online. Companies should really start to think about how they can harness this massive trend and use blogs. They could use them for recruitment, retention,product promotion, news and […]

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Let me explain more with a video…

Some of you may have seen the yellow graphic in the sidebar to the left, some of you may even have linked through to the site as well. is a forward thinking website aimed at SME companies who fail to use their own website to recruit staff (shame on you!). Of course they are […]

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Space Hoppers or Job Hoppers?

A few years ago, the ideal job was one where an employee could stay for their entire career, pick up a pension and then retire. For some people that is still the case, but the move to a more fluid employment market is now becoming the norm as we all know.However, will we as recruiters […]