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Innovation or Madness? New Recruitment company, Playfair and Noble, pay 50% of their fee to the successful candidate!

Do you ever get emails from companies looking to 'sell you' their company? Probably like you, I get a fair amount arriving in my inbox each week. So you could probably say that I am a little sceptical (too long in the recruitment world, I am afraid!!) So it was a really pleasant surprise to […]

Facebook is used to recruit a UK World Champion

Facebook, is now being used more widely as a recruitment tool. A recent success story shows just how effective Facebook can actually be for recruitment. The UK is not renowned for its huge numbers of bobsledder's, so when recruiting for new team members, some creativity was needed, highlighting  the skills needed rather than the experience - please take note employers!The […]

The Recommendation Age is well and truly here - give it the respect it deserves

While at the airport yesterday, I found a book that I have been wanting to read for a while (never got round to it!). It is The Long Tail by Chris Anderson, and I can certainly recommend it for all those of you that have an interest how the internet has changed selling strategies for […]

Do You Procrastinate? Of course you do……how to work out if you are likely to finish what you started!

Are you one of the 20% of the population that continually procrastinate about anything?  I would certainly stick my hand up to procrastinating on more than one occasion recently, and as someone that has a continually 'rolling' to-do list, it is something I need to work on. If you are also like me then you will […]

What would you do with a career break?

Don't you just love it when a company does something different and innovative? Well, while spending last week in Dublin with a client, I came across this piece of innovation from an Irish Bank. Permanent TSB has come up with the innovative (and brave) move of offering paid career breaks to their staff. Now, there […]

Thought Twitter was a waste of time, Corporate World?

Many people don’t get Twitter , the micro-blogging site. They just think it is a load of pants occupied by geeky social networking nerds. I must confess until ‘The Sniper ‘ encouraged’ me to give it a serious go, I was the same (you can follow me here).But Twitter is working and now mainstream companies […]