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Content Grazers, Talent Pipelines, Social Recruiting, EGC and more

It has been a busy last quarter for me, launching my new book on Social Media Recruitment as well as doing my ‘day job’ consulting with clients, helping them with with different aspects of their social recruiting strategies, recruitment processes and recruiter training. This year has been a little different on the blog front as I have also accepted commission for the first time to write blog articles for other companies. It is always a different task to write for a big brand (guidelines, specific audience etc), and at the same time retaining the integrity of the article you want to write.
You may also notice a few slight changes to the website. Unfortunately the website was ‘compromised’, with the perpetrators causing so much damage that a brand new site had to be built! It was a nightmare and has taken so much time to get it resolved. A huge thanks to Stephen who managed the new build so well. If you subscribe by RSS or Feedly, please check your feeds to make sure the posts are delivered as normal.
So, back to the reason for this post, to share with you some of the new articles that I have written over the past few months. (Do you need original content for your company? Contact me). So in no particular order here are some of the social recruiting / recruitment content marketing posts I have written over the past few months.
1. Social Recruiting Is Not About Shiny New Objects
Every week that goes by we see a new social recruiting tool, social media app or an announcement of a new product launch from one of the big players like LinkedIn. Of course these updates are exciting, and as an early adopter I want to play with them.  But the reality is this: I would much rather have companies focus on getting the basics right first, before they start live streaming on Periscope or planning recruiting Apple Watch apps. In this post I look at what social recruiting really is. Read the full post here
2. Five Ways to Turn Content Grazers Into Candidates
When do people reading your company’s content - I refer to them as content grazers - make a conscious decision to apply for one of your jobs? As an HR professional, you may not be thinking about your content in the same way your marketing team thinks about a PR hit, but you should. Content—whether it’s on your blog, your career page or on social media—is often the first point of contact for a curious candidate. It is definitely a recruiting tool which means it’s worth figuring out what truly attracts and engages potential applicants. Read the full post here
3. Is social media the key to winning the talent war?
This is an excellent article written by journalist Janine Milne based on an interview I did with her after the launch of my Social Media Recruitment book. She covered a wide range of questions around social recruiting and talent acquisition, and it was received very well. Read the full post here
4. Boost Your Brand with Employee Generated Content
How much content have you read on your computer, tablet or mobile today? Maybe twenty, thirty, or forty articles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Feedly or Flipboard, while having a coffee or sitting on the train?  It sounds a lot when you look at it like that, but the reality is that we are all now getting content pushed at us all day, every day, across all our connected devices. I cover how your company can use employee generated content (EGC) to enhance your employer brand. Read the full post here.
5. Six  Ways to Attract Candidates With Compelling Content
Job seekers have now become “job explorers”. They are better skilled at searching, sourcing, researching, networking and less afraid to reach out to people they have never met before. They find your company online and go exploring from there, looking for all the information they can find about you, your employees and your company. Then, they make their decision on whether or not to apply for a job at your company based on what they see. This post covers six specific ways to attract candidates with your content. Read the full post here.
6. How to Build a Talent Pipeline with Social Media Content Marketing

We have an interesting dichotomy in the world of talent—companies are crying out about talent gaps everywhere, without using their full range of resources to actually look for talent. One such resource is social media. And while not all of the hundreds of millions of social users are suitable for your roles, with a little clever searching you can find the right candidates and start to engage with them. In this post I show how social media can be a viable tool to build a reputation amongst  your target audience. Read the full post here.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of these posts - each in their own right has stimulated some interesting debate and conversation on the social channels. If you want me to write or deliver via presentation or webinar, unique, interesting and stimulating content around the subject of social recruiting / HR / recruiting for your company, I am happy to have a chat with you about it. (Please note, they are not free).
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