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What many in the recruitment sector fail to realise - job seekers are their lifeblood!

People will pay for the value THEY perceive NOT what you tell them it is Sounds like a bit of an obvious statement doesn't it? But just think about it for a moment. As a consumer (customer) do you buy the product you are interested in because you believe 100% in what the salesperson said […]

Is this the ultimate reason for someone not turning up for work?

Yesterday, I was given a unique and funny reason as to why someone had to postpone a meeting with me (today) - more of that in a moment.  It reminded me of what for me is still my best excuse EVER (in 20+ years in recruitment) for someone not  going to work. The question is […]

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50 Practical tips to help job seekers find a job, including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook advice.

One of my passions over the years has been trying to help job seekers with advice and direction with regards to finding new jobs. I have written many blog posts with advice from loads of different angles, but there has been one document that I keep getting asked for, over and over again. Obviously everyone […]

The 30 sales interview questions you need to be able to answer, if you are a salesperson

  Last week I posted a comprehensive list of interview questions. They proved to be popular, both with job seekers for interview help, and with recruiters and HR people for some interview question inspiration. So I have produced a couple of extra posts with some further questions - this one today is for sales interview […]

Should work-life balance be replaced with a new word - ‘Weisure’?

Over the last week there has been much talk in the recruitment blogging community of work life balance, and what the reality actually is. Ever one to have an idea, Bill Boorman, started the whole thing off with a video he posted on You Tube, aptly titled 'The work life balance'. in which he believes […]

Should job seekers be turning to their drama teachers to improve their interview chances?

With more people than ever going to job interviews with a need to succeed (thanks to the damned recession), has the time come for a new breed of coach to enter the stage? With so many people attending interviews for each job, it is now how you present and portray yourself at the interview, that […]