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Yours truly on a live Career Site Advisor webcast on Wednesday 3rd June

Prolific blogger is how I am described by Keith Robinson in his intro for the live webcast on Wednesday 3rd June! Thanks Keith!I will be on the couch with Keith talking about using networking to find a new job - specifically LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter - and I am sure it will be fun!! Checkout […]

Big Brother to the real extreme in Australia……

I saw this on the BerryReview blog, and so was amazed with it, I just had to share it with you all! It is a case of Big Brother gone to the extreme! The Aussie's need our help - they have 22 million citizens and their Government is about to introduce a new policy that will have major implications […]

We have gone web 2.0!

We have gone web 2.0!!  After preaching for so long to clients that they should be using web 2.0 in their recruitment strategy, it was about time we did the same. Well, that and those *******people at Microsoft who decided to drop their support for Frontpage (which my other website was built on!). So with […]

How do Generation Y’ers and Generation Z’ers communicate?

This may surprise you (it certainly did me) that mobile texting didn’t come out top in this survey, especially the way my daughters use their mobiles!! Habbo’s Global Youth Survey looked at generation Y and generation Z teenagers - particularly aged 11-18 - to see how they communicate with other people (friends, family etc). Here […]

Blogs ARE here to stay, so get started!

Many companies are still shying away from the power of the blog. But some latest figures released by Comscore show that blogs are what people are reading online. Companies should really start to think about how they can harness this massive trend and use blogs. They could use them for recruitment, retention,product promotion, news and […]

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‘Superheads’ - THE most important Talent Managers?

There has been much debate about the pay of Head Teachers, especially with the news that ‘Superheads’ - managing large grammar schools - should expect to earn circa £200k for the work they do. So, what is the problem here, and why are so many people so shocked? We have a ‘talent crunch’ (sounds better […]