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The one BIG mistake that every company is making with their candidate recruitment

  There is so much written and spoken about social recruiting and social media for businesses, there is a danger of over complication of the essence of understanding what the whole experience should be. There is a phrase I use a lot when talking to clients about recruitment, social recruiting or using social media in […]

The Candidate and Company Recruitment Disconnect

     Only one word to add to this image on behalf of candidates and recruiters everywhere - FRUSTRATION! If you like reading this blog, then click on the orange RSS icon here and get the latest Sirona Says posts delivered to your RSS reader or your inbox the moment they come out.     […]

The recruitment reality check: Your employees are leaving sometime soon!

Are you one of those companies who like sticking your fingers in your ears, while singing 'la la la' out loud. hoping that it won't happen to you? Come on, you know you are! After all, all your staff are happy, you have a great employer brand and everything is 'nice and dandy' with your […]

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What many in the recruitment sector fail to realise - job seekers are their lifeblood!

People will pay for the value THEY perceive NOT what you tell them it is Sounds like a bit of an obvious statement doesn't it? But just think about it for a moment. As a consumer (customer) do you buy the product you are interested in because you believe 100% in what the salesperson said […]