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♫ It’s beginning to look a lot like [insert word] everywhere you go ♫

  Picture credit   If you are anything like me then you have just inserted the Michael Buble disc into your brain, and added the word 'Christmas' into the title of the post. Now (like me) I guarantee you are singing the song - just in case here you go: I have actually woken up […]

My Recent Recruitment Conference Experiences in New Zealand

  What are the benefits of doing the job that you do? Well one of mine is that I get invited to to travel to different countries, to share my knowledge and experiences with companies, as well as speaking at recruitment conferences. Last week I was at the other end of the world (literally!) speaking […]

Doing what you have always done is a recipe for recruitment disaster

Once upon a time there was a company that everyone used. Everyone knew them and they were very very successful indeed! People used them every day, new companies built their business around them and they made lots of money as well. They were synonymous with the industry they represented, and still have a wealth of […]

Social Media Content For Recruitment Workshops - Q1 2013

[Please note that this idea needs your input to happen] Following on from last months presentation at the UK Recruiter 2012 Conference (see a short snippet below), on using social media to win new business, I have started to get enquiries from recruiters (and some in-house recruiters after my blog about where I share my […]